Children's Bible Story Book, Peter Palmer & Manning deV Lee, paperback

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100 Bible stories and 400 illustrations from The Children's King James New Testament, and 100 more stores and 400 more illustrations were done for The Children's Old Testament (McGraw-Hill)  
Ideas behind the making of the Children's Bible Story Book.

Mrs. Palmer and Mr. Lee were hired to do these excellent stories and illustrations. Their instructions: Stories were to be short and simple, no more than 500 words per story; no pictures purporting to be Jesus; a single line of Scripture below each illustration, four illustrations for each story; each illustration to cover a part of the story (so the child can follow the story by relating to the illustrations). All this was done in lovely color.

Children are discerning.  Not just a few overworked stories, but generally. Therefore, the Children's Bible Story Book brings back to children those neglected portions of the Bible. - the Psalms, Proverbs, and book of the prophets, for example.

The Bible should not be "fictionalized" nor "modernized". The Bible contains God's Wordand far outstrips all others throughout history as a source of enlightenment. Therefore, this book of stories must stay as close to the Bible narrative, its depiction of characters, and its message as possible. Mrs. Palmer does this expertly.

The language must be understandable. A new Bible Story Book should use modern language, the only modern language that children can understand. It should, however, avoid any "basic vocabulary" as being too limited and artificial. Mrs. Palmer accomplishes this deftly.

The "Pictures" should read. They should be authenic, expressive to children, amnd should be numerous enough to virtually "tell" the story to listening pre-readers. This Manning DeV Lee has accomplished triumphantly.

Peter Palmer is a graduate of Wellesley, the wife of a seminary professor, and the mother of four boys, ands the author of the Bible stories in the Children's King James New Testament and the Children's King James Old Testament.

Manning DeV Lee is a noted illustrator. For over 25 years he specialized in the art aspects of the Bible, and as a devoted researcher into Biblical Archaeology as it affects his role. Another well-known author that he has served as illustrator for in Mary Alice Jones.

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