Exposition of Leviticus, Andrew A. Bonar, paperback

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This is not a verse by verse commentary. Actually the plan of the book is to take the Levitical sacrifices, types, etc. and relate them to the true Sacrifice, Jesus Christ. You will delight in his explanations of the sacrifices and the priesthood. You will learn a great deal more about the atonement, and about the intercession of Christ our Mediator.
‘Very precious. Mr. Andrew Bonar has a keen eye for a typical analogy, but he always keeps his rein on his imagination, and is therefore safe to follow. He is a master in Israel’ (C. H. Spurgeon).
''One of the great works on this portion of God’s Word. Devotional'' (The Minister’s Library, Cyril J. Barber).
''The one great principle of interpretation which we keep before us is apostolic practice. This is the key we have used. We find the sacred writers adduce the likeness that exists between the thing that was typified and the type itself, and resting there. So we lay down this as our great rule; there must be an obvious resemblance. And next, we search into these types in the belief that Christ is the center-truth of revelation (and surely no principle is more obviously true!. The body or substance of the law is Christ (Col. 2:17, and types are a series of shadows projected from Christ. who is ''the body.'' It is this Messiah that has been from the beginning the chief object to be unveiled to the view of men. And it is in the fact that the New Testament light has risen that our advantage lies, in searching what these things mean'' (there are 40 references to this book in the NT). ''We, under the New Testament, look upon an unveiled Savior. And going back to the Old Testament we can see far better than the Jews could the features and form of Jesus the Beloved under that veil.'' (Introduction)

''Witsius said that it took God only six days to create the world, but forty days with Moses to direct him in the making of the tabernacle, because the work of grace is more glorious than the work of creation.''

In chapter 16, the High Priest lays the sin of the people on the goat to carry them into the wilderness. This signifies, of course, the lay of the sins of God’s elect people upon Jesus, their sin-bearer, who effects a complete removal of their sins through the shedding of His blood in His perfect sacrifice. In this way only could all their sins be remitted, and they are cleansed so thoroughly it is as if they were never done. Because of this God’s children may enter His presence without spot or blemish, perfect in the holiness wrought out by Christ as sin-bearer.

Andrew Bonar (1810-1892) like his brothers, John and Horatius Bonar, was a sound Presbyterian minister in Scotland. At the Disruption of the Church of Scotland, Bonar became the first Free Church minister of Collace. Later he served 30 years in Glasgow, where his congregation was one of the largest in  Scotland.  228 pages, paperback

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