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Jay Sr. Called home - May 20, 2008 @ 4:16 AM - Jay Patrick Green, Sr. was called home by the Lord at 4:20 AM on May 20, 2008. We thank the Lord for calling him home so that he can be with Our Master and his frail body can now rest. Some of the condolences received are listed below.
  • Dear Jay, I am sorry that this is coming so late. I check out your website every month or two to see updated information on your dad and just now saw that he passed away. I offer my condolences on your dad's passing. I knew his health was poor, but his passing was still a shock to me. Although I never mentioned it to either of you, I had the utmost respect and admiration for him. I have always considered it a great honor to have worked for him. Whenever I met someone who knew of the Interlinear Bible, the MKJV, or the Literal Translation, I would mention with pride that I was working for him or had worked for him. He was such a gentle man that it is a shame that he had to go through so much in his final years between the Hendrickson lawsuit and his health problems. But, it is a further tribute to him that he kept working through all this to keep at the Lord's work. Unlike the vast majority of people who pass through life without leaving much trace other than to close relatives, Jay Sr.'s legacy is not just passed down through his children and grandchildren, but through every book and Bible that he produced. He will continue to touch and change lives long after both of us are gone. I can only dream of touching as many lives as he has. The world is poorer for his passing, but is so much richer for his being here for so many years. I will always consider it an honor to have known him and to have worked for him. I hope that you and your family is holding up. Your mom will be in my prayers to help and strengthen her. I will keep you in my prayers as well as I know that you drive yourself to exhaustion and that the stress from the last few months is not helping your health (you referenced your heart attack). Keep your spiritual life up and I think that you will find that while life might not be easier (although it might be), it will be less stressful and that it will flow better. I'll be in town for a couple of weeks starting next week. I'll try to stop by the office and see you. Your friend, Allen - Indiana


    Jay,What a great loss for us left behind. I’m sorry for your intimate loss brother.I loved your dad and miss him already without ever meeting him.My understanding of the word wonderfully and eternally has grown using the LITV and KJ3., by The Spirit.  What a precious and eternal-fruit-bearing legacy!I look forward to meeting him on that great day!I look hopefully to what the Lord will continue to do through you and SGP.Lord bless you friend,R. U. - Kentucky


    Dear Jay, My deepest condolence to you and all your family.  I never met your Father personally, but through his efforts I knew him.  His interlinear works I have used for years and depend on them every morning in my studies.  His Literal Translation is the of the best translations I have in my library.  I will use his works till the end of my days.  At 4:20 this morning, your father heard the words “ well done thy good and faithful servant.”   I will pray for you as you carry on his work in your way.  In the love of Christ, R. I.


    Jay, Jr.It is hard to believe the Lord  has called your dad, but I am glad he is no longer suffering.  He was having such difficulty breathing yesterday and complained of discomfort.  I asked his nurse to adjust his morphine to make him a bit more comfortable.  Even with all of that, his gentle spirit always shone through.  I will tell you again how profound the influence he had on me and my family.  He is one servant who really lived his faith.  We will miss his guidance and his quiet strength.  And one day we will see him again--out of pain and suffering, having only to praise and rejoice.  Please accept the prayers and thoughts of me and my family.  Dr. D. W

  • Dear Jay, You know you father was given the grace from our Father in His work to us in this world. I know on a personal level the emotions having been separated from my father in 2000. I just wanted to say I thank our Father for your father and the work his life here was devoted and faithful to, that Glorified our Lord Jesus so our Father could Bless your father to us all. I know the Angles in Heaven are Blessing him but most importantly Jesus is Blessing him to the Father. Amen. Your father's work has revailed the TRUTH as God and the Lord Jesus gave us. Amen Peace to you, If you need anything and I can provide it I will.  R. F.

  • Dear Jay, I am very sorry to learn of your father’s passing. He will be sorely missed by all who know of his great dedication to the Word of God. I pray for blessings on you and your family. Please let me know how I can be of help to you. Sincerely, K. F.


    Jay, I am sad and feel a sense of relief for you and your dad in his passing..Just think ..he is whole again and dancing with Jesus..Praise be to God! C. C. R.

  • Hi Jay, I had not received the email below prior to sending the inquiry about the books I ordered. I do rejoice at your dad going home. "Death is not an extinguishing of the light. It is putting out the lamp for the dawn is come" (a Puritan I can't remember, but I probably read it in a book published by your dad - or, at least, sold by him.) God used your dad to do some great things. May our great and awesome God comfort you and your family during this time. No hurry on the books! In the bonds of Christ, S. W.

  • My dear brother Jay Green, My heart is flushed to know that that icon of heaven, that man of great faith, your father, Jay P. Green, Sr., has been higly elevated to that lucious, eternal, abiding place of his most precious Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ. Oh, how true it is that "Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints." Ps 116:15. I can find no words of grief or sorrow for such a happy promotion and a glorious event. Your father was a man on task who did his duties most well, to the very last drop of precious giving that he had within his soul and body.  He has left a legacy for others to follow.  He inspired many.  He inspired me.  Years ago this erudite man of God inspired me to my core, and upgraded and altered my entire way of thinking concerning the inerrancy and excellency of the written Word of God.  My preaching has every bit of Jay P. Green, Sr.'s influence in it; so, too, has my heart.  You are to be very proud, as I know you are, of your father.  He was a MAN who stood for something, and left behind that very something for you and others to stand for.  I stand with you and your family, my dear brother, in honor of your great father - a man whose very presence right now is an added treasure to the household of heaven. God strenghten you and enrich you and give you immeasureable grace during this time of loss, and in the days ahead in carrying forth the banner of God' great commission. Your friend and dear brother,
    D. C. P.

  • Dear Jay, Our prayers are with you. Your father was such a dear man after God's own heart. He was always striving to follow His Lord and Savior as closely as he possibly could. We grieve with you the loss of a spiritual warrior, but rejoice that he is able to enjoy rest after such a rich and fruitful life. I can imagine his joy as he casts his crown at Jesus' feet. Please let me know if there is anything I can do. J. S.


    Dear Mr. Green. It is always sad to hear about the passing of friends and those who are close to us. However, we are all mortal and from what you have written recently your dear father had been seriously ill for years, and recent months were full of suffering. So it is good to remember that after completing his earthly journey he is with the Lord, receiving a well deserved rest. He has left a worthy legacy, and even here in the remote Poland there are people who were encouraged and helped in their Christian walk by your father. On my shelves there are books reminding me of him, as Thayer’s lexicon, Englishman’s Concordance and first of all the Interlinear Bible. At present we read Literal Translation with my wife in our Bible time. So while on one hand we share your grief, but on the other we remember the bright light your father shined while being still with us and are sure that he is now much better.Regards, P. L. Poland

  • Dear Br. Jay Green, Jr. We (J. I. & wife, and all the staff or Yayasan Lentera Bangsa in Jakarta, Indonesia) would like to express our deepest symphaty in accordance with the calling home by our loving Father: Mr. Jay P. Green, Sr. We hope you and all your family and especially Mrs. Green could always be in JESUS Christ's love and care. OUR CONDOLENCE, J. & I. & Y.

  • Your dad was used by God in a wonderful way as one of the pioneers of re-printing the old Puritan works. Only eternity will show all the spiritual good done by this. For me, I entered into a different realm when I first picked up a Puritan book years ago. I am sorry for your loss, but we cannot even imagine the great gain of your dad as he has entered into the presence of King Jesus. May God comfort you and give you the strength to carry on this great work. Thanks for shipping the books! S. W.

  • I wanted to first of all send my condolances to you and your family in regards to your father.  His writings have been a vital part of my husband and me in my studies.  And also our church. I was just enquiring as to an update in the printing of the KJ3 both the hardcover and the leather cover. There are alot of people who are not sure of what is happening.  Is it possible to keep me up to date so that I can keep the aussies informed.  Your humble sister is Christ.M. T. - Australia

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