Works of Thomas Goodwin - Volume 03, Thomas Goodwin, paperback

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This is Volume III of Goodwin’s Works

There are several very enlightening spiritual discourses in this volume of subjects that are very rare, and some that are absolutely unique:

An Exposition of the Book of the Revelation, including A Brief History of the Kingdom of Christ, Extracted out of the Book of the Revelation; and also, A Discourse of Christ’s Reward, the Glory He Receives in Heaven.

A Child of Light Walking in Darkness an exposition of Isaiah 50:10, 11, in which Goodwin maintains that a child of God may walk in darkness. Not in sin, not in ignorance, but in sorrow and discomfort, says Goodwin. He gives particulars of the distresses involved in such a walk. One may walk in darkness by being in doubt what may become of him, may be stumbling at all comforts, or may be filled with terrors. The Spirit is not the cause of doubting and despairing thoughts, yet He may withdraw His testimony for a time, and He may allow impressions of wrath in the conscience. Satan may be allowed to increase the darkness and distress by insinuating that the Spirit has not illuminated the child walking in darkness. One’s own heart may be causing the darkness. Satan may be magnifying the sense of guilt. The cases when God may leave one in darkness, and several reasons why He may do so. There are means of recovery by which God moves His child to rise out of the darkness into the joy of His presence.

The Return of Prayers, an exposition of Psalm 85:8. God’s people are to diligently look for an answer to our prayers. An obedient, dependent heart in prayer pleases God. A heart waiting and expecting an answer is a gift of God. God sometimes gives a different answer than expected. The answer should draw the heart nearer to God, should enlarge the heart in thankfulness and encourage it to pray more. Answers should cause carefulness to do what we vow to do.

The Trial of a Christian’s Growth, an exposition of John 15:1, 2. A discourse on purging out corruption, and on bringing forth more fruit. How to discern our growth in grace. The Father is the husbandman, Christ is the vine. Questions answered regarding spiritual growth.

The Vanity of Thoughts, Their Danger and Their Cure. An exposition of Jer.4:14: ''How long shall thy vain thoughts lodge within you? Vain, light, wanton, profane, dissolute thoughts may be thrust into the minds of the saints, but they must not be welcomed, must not be allowed to lodge there. Give no place to the devil; guard your thoughts.

Goodwin (1600-1679) was influential in many ways, a member of the Westminster Assembly, President of Magdalene College, drafter of the Savoy Confession of Faith, and pastor at the most influential Independent church in London.  560 pages, paperback


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