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The commission of Christ to His little band of followers to Go and snake disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that 1 have commanded you... (Mt. 28:19,20x), was carried out by His chosen ones through the preaching of the Word. The movement of the Holy Spirit which attended their ministry is chronicled for us in the Book of Acts.

The speeches of the Book of Acts contain the answer to the lack of spiritual vigor being experienced in many areas of the Christian church today and need to be studied to determine the conditions under which Christ's commission was carried out, the content of the message which His disciples preached, and the conviction which compelled them to spread the "good news."

The result of the ministry of the disciples is well known. A critic of the times complained that they had "turned the world upside down" (Acts 17:6), or "right-side up," depending upon how you look at it.

In the book now before the reader, Rudolf Ewald Stier (1800-1862) the brilliant German exegete and Bible commentator of a generation past, delves into the history of the Book of Acts and, beginning with Peter's sermon on the day of Pentecost, expounds each message or address with consummate skill. His material is very full. He treats carefully each reference to the Old Testament, and so ably explains the thrust of each passage in keeping with the unity of Scripture, that he has earned the respect and praise of God's people.

The message of the Book of Acts (with specific focus on the teaching ministry of the Apostles) is desperately needed in the church today if the errors of extremism and the coldness of a lifeless orthodoxy are to be avoided. It is with singular thankfulness, therefore, that we welcome the reprinting of this fine work comprising the expository sermons which Dr. Stier preached to his congregation at Eisleben.

Rudolph Ewald Stier (1800-1862)
Rudolf Ewald Stier (March 17, 1800 - December 16, 1862), was a German Protestant churchman and mystic. He was born at Fraustadt (Wschowa) in South Prussia. He studied at the University of Halle and Humboldt University, Berlin, first law and afterwards theology; and he continued his theological studies later at the pastoral seminary of Wittenberg. In 1824 he was made professor at the Missionary Institute in Basel. Afterwards he held pastorates at Frankleben near Merseburg (1829) and at Wichlinghausen (now part of Wuppertal) (1838). In 1850 he was appointed superintendent at Schkeuditz, and in 1859 at Eisleben. He published a new edition of Martin Luther's "Catechism" and a translation of the Bible based on that of Luther; but he is noted chiefly for his thoughtful, devotional and mystical commentary on the Words of the Lord (Reden des Herrn, 3 vols, 1843; Eng. trans., 8 vols, 1855-1858). He died at Eisleben. His other works, besides commentaries on the Psalms, Second Isaiah, Proverbs, Ephesians, Hebrews, Epistles of James and Jude, include: Die Reden der Apostel (2 vols, 1824-1830; Eng. trans., 1869) and Die Reden der Engel in den heiligen Schrift (1862). Cf. JP Lacroix, The Life of R. Stier (New York, 1874).  532 pages, blue hard cover


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